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Baby Stroller Extra Car Seat Foldable

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Baby Stroller Extra Car Seat Foldable

Baby Stroller is extremely easy to use and perfect for newborns until 5 years old. The design is simple and sturdy. It is made up of durable hard and strong material. Let mummy and daddy shopping easily. Easy-to-use, space-saver, and stable two-way stroller is perfect for parents to bring out their kids around. The high, unobstructed view provides a great landscape for curious kids who like to look around. Kids will love it very much.


·Suitable for newborns until 5 yearold kids (Under Supervision of Adult)

·REALISTIC DESIGN with wonderful colour, working hand rest, and soft seat

·STYLISH AND DURABLE Crafted with a durable, metal and non-toxic plastic body 

·EASY FOLDABLE Easy to fold and open effortlessly

·TRIP FRIENDLY It is easy to carry around

·RELIABLE SAFETY HARNESS SYSTEM Seat belt available for the kids

·Maximum Rider weight of 25kg

·Designed for riding on paved flat surfaces (Not for riding on sand, mud or grass)

·Easy riding and Good stability

·Safe frame and Concise shape

·Suitable to make gift

·Exclusive for kids

·Fun and awesome to ride

Safety Precaution 

·Please make sure the guardian is available with the children to ensure safety.

Size and Weight:

·Product Size: L x W X H cm

·Packaging Size: L x W X H cm

·Weight: kg

Part No: 

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